Our STory

Mosaic Christian Community launched in May of 2013. Mosaic is a new start the came out of St Paul First Church of the Nazarene which had been established for 75 years before that. Pastor Jeff, his wife Jessica and his three boys moved from Sheraton Iowa to St Paul in hopes to plant a Multi-Ethinic church and a needs meeting resource center in St. Paul Minnesota. Jeff’s vision and St Paul First’ desire to reach the neighborhood of the Payne-Phalen neighborhood was a perfect match. Since then Mosaic has been growing yearly bringing people from both in the neighborhood and city wide. We are a multi ethnic, generational, economical, and educational group of people. We consider Mosaic to still be a baby church constantly learning about new things in its community and is moving closer to what we imagine heaven to look like. 

Big Rocks

Imagine that you have a bucket and a pile of different sized rocks. If you want to get all of those rocks in the bucket you can’t put in the small rocks in first because then the big ones won’t fit. But if you put in the big rocks in first, the little ones will fits all around it. Mosaic has 4 big rocks that important to us and everything else fits around it. Those big rocks are:

  • Nazarene (Beliefs)
  • Hospitality 
  • Mobilize and Equip 
  • Community

Our Beliefs

Mosaic Christian Community is a ministry of the Nazarene Church. In the Nazarene Church

We are Christian people

We are Missional people

We are Holiness people. 

(Church of the Nazarene Articles of Faith)

Eating together, block parties, celebrations, home bible studies, hang outs at the park, frisbee games, coffee dates, movie nights are a common things in the community of Mosaic. We consider these common everyday life things to be sacred spaces where Jesus shows his hospitality. We get this thought from Jesus’ interaction with a woman that he meets at a well. (John 4:1-42)

  1. Jesus breaks the rules in talking to a Samaritan woman. 

  2. Jesus endures her scorn

  3. Jesus lovingly forgives her first

  4. Jesus tears down every barrier 

  5. She leaves behind her baggage and brings that same hospitality to others because of her experience with Jesus


MOBILIZE AND EQUIP is our discipleship and outreach process. In the things we interact with in life we find that to it we are STRANGER, GUEST or HOST. You are either newly introduced to something - STRANGER, you’ve been playing around with it so you’re testing the waters - GUEST or you’ve taken ownership of it so now its yours - HOST. 


We see STRANGER, GUEST, HOST on the story of two travelers walking down the road to Emmaus after Jesus was killed in Jerusalem. Walking home they are walking and talking and are in deep distress reflecting on the execution they witnessed to a friend and person they thought to be the Messiah. On their journey a STRANGER joins them on the way (Psst…. it’s Jesus but they haven’t figured it out yet) as they are walking. They get to the town and the STRANGER keeps going so the two men invite Jesus to stay to have a meal, inviting him to be their GUEST.  As they are HOSTING Jesus he then takes part in serving them and breaks bread with them the same way he broke bread with the disciples before his death and they realize that Jesus himself is in front of them. Jesus role switches from being a GUEST to being a HOST. The men then in their excitement leave the place and head back to Jerusalem HOSTING this news that Jesus still lives. (Luke 24:13-35)


Mobilize and Equip

We are dediciated  to one another in fellowship and also the dedication of fellowship to God. 

As a community collectively we are also committing collectively to the Stranger Guest Host process. Through our community engagement, partnerships, need meeting resource center.