Mosaic Resource Center

Parish Nurse

Katy Holets RN, Certified Nurse Practitioner

The role of the Parish Nurse is to promote health for the whole person. Our parish nurse, Katy, acts as a health educator, personal health counselor, health advocate, referral agent, coordinator of health events, and integrator of faith and wellness. A parish nurse practices nursing on an independent level under the standards of faith community nursing and licensure outlined by the state in which they practice. Understanding that our health can significantly affect out spirit, mind and interpersonal relationships, a parish nurse seeks to encourage and support through integrating faith and healing.

Katy has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and recently became a Certified Nurse Practitioner. God made Katy a nurse through and through, and providing health care as her profession has always filled her with joy.  Katy wants to be a safe place for you to ask questions about physical and mental health, a resource in helping you to find what you need in your community.

Refugee Life Ministries

Welcoming the Stranger

We believe it is the duty of the church to make a safe, hospitable place for refugees to live, sustain and grow. We work alongside two organizations in the Twin Cities, Arrive Ministries and Minnesota Council of Churches, to welcome refugees into St. Paul.

If you want to join us in serving our neighbors who are fleeing their homes for one reason or another, please let us know. If you’d like to support our refugee families financially or with food, contact us here.

Additionally, if you are a refugee and you need to get connected, we’d like to help you.


Johnson High School Food Shelf


Looking out for the next generation

We have high school students as neighbors who attend Johnson High School with very limited resources. We work with school staff to give qualifying students food so they can make it to their next meal or through the weekend.

Additionally, we come alongside families in their time of need, helping, as we’re able, with groceries, clothing and pointing them to long-term aid.

Please email us if you’re interested in financially supporting this ministry or would like to donate food. (Please note: We have certain guidelines on what kind of food we can accept.)